Whether you’re looking to decarbonise your business, development or portfolio, we can help.

Our agile start-up addresses a variety of needs around the world

Urbanomy works in close partnership with EDF R&D and EDF international businesses and we also collaborate with SaaS providers, other consultancies, engineering, architecture and urban planning practices, as well as universities and innovation centres to stay at the forefront of the innovation. This gives us flexibility in how we approach our clients’ needs because we have access to a pool of experts and a thorough knowledge of the local context.

Some of our references

Energy Strategy

Meeting the challenges of a sustainable city with energy analysis and forecast simulations for Mulhouse-DMC district

Urbanomy is working with the city of Mulhouse which, in partnership with the Urban Area of Mulhouse-Alsace (m2A), is carrying out an urban project aimed at redeveloping the DMC district's exceptional industrial heritage (30 hectares, 17 buildings covering 115,000 square metres)

Decarbonisation pathway

Assessing the environmental footprint of a property portfolio

A German financial institution wants to commit to a decarbonisation trajectory and verify its +1.5°C alignment using the X-Degree Compatibility (XDC) analysis method developed by our partner right° based on science.   

Citallios reference
CSR Pathway

CSR Pathway

Citallios wishes to affirming a CSR trajectory with quantified objectives based on 3 key dimensions of its business (Low Carbon, Soil Artificialisation, Biodiversity). 

Empreinte environnementale
Climate Strategy

Modelisation of the environmental footprint of an eco-district

Using the UrbanPrint tool developed by Efficacity, Urbanomy applied the Life Cycle Assessment methodology to the eco-district taking into account the production of materials, construction, use and end of life.

Metroscope - Bilan Carbone et Feuille de route décarbonation
Decarbonisation Strategy

Carbon Footprint Assessment and Decarbonisation Roadmap

In order to support Metroscope in its decarbonisation process, Urbanomy analyses their Carbon Footprint and defines actionable levers to reduce their emissions.

Urban&Civic Stratégie énergétique durable
Energy Strategy

Net Zero Energy Strategy

Urban&Civic appointed Urbanomy, on behalf of the Wellcome Trust, to define a bespoke energy strategy for the Wellcome Genome Campus (WGC) to support its ambition of delivering its carbon net zero target before 2050. 

EDF Pulse incubation Évaluation de l’impact carbone
Carbon Impact Assessment

Carbon Impact Assessment

EDF Pulse Incubation appointed Urbanomy to assess the carbon impact of 6 finalist projects.

Plan d'action bas carbone
Decarbonisation Pathway

Low carbon Action plan

Urbanomy supported Pierre&Vacances by carrying out an analysis of the property portfolio, along with on-site audits and interviews with the site managers in order to reduce GHG emissions.

Innovation Programme

Sustainability Impact and Carbon Assessment

Urbanomy supported the Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme Phase 1 in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, EDF R&D UK Center, and Star Hydrogen.

Decarbonisation Pathway

Decarbonisation strategy real estate worldwide

We are assisting Club Med in defining a decarbonisation strategy for its real estate portfolio worldwide. Club Med is the world's leading holiday resort, with 71 high-end destinations in 27 countries on five continents.  

Sustainability Assessment

Social and environmental impact methodology

Urbanomy developed a methodology and tools to assess and identify projects with the highest social and environmental impact, and, for a dedicated programme, the highest potential to avoid or reduce carbon emissions.

Climate Strategy

Climate strategy and decarbonisation pathway

To support Enedis in reducing its carbon footprint, Urbanomy will update its climate strategy and its carbon assessment.

Local Strategies

Feasibility of large scale heat pump deployment

As part of Project GAIA, Urbanomy is supporting the large scale deployment of heat pumps in Devon, UK.

Energy Master Planning

Environmental analysis for an ecodistrict

Urbanomy is assisting the Agglomération of Hénin-Carvin in the development of the Sainte-Henriette ecodistrict, through an environmental analysis. 

Local Strategies

Low carbon strategy for an event

We assist VivaTech in the analysis of its carbon footprint and the implementation of a concrete action plan, for its 2022 edition, from 15 to 18 June.

Decarbonisation Pathways

Portfolio decarbonisation strategy

For the real estate department of a major French financial institution, Groupe Caisse des Dépôts, we are providing a decarbonisation and compliance strategy for its operated commercial portfolio.

Local Strategies

Territorial Pre-diagnosis

For a joint association, SMOYS (Syndicat Mixte Orge-Yvette-Seine) in France with a new extended perimeter, we provided a territorial pre-diagnosis on a scope of 65 local authorities, defining carbon neutral guidelines prior to the definition of a 2050 strategy.

Energy Master Planning

Supporting local carbon neutral strategy

We conducted a projecr for Oxfordshire County Council, as part of Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire). The methodology was developed in a replicable way to benefit other similar developments.

Regulations & Standards

Din Spec: District Management

Urbanomy, in partnership with EIFER, contributed to a German standardisation text (DIN SPEC), which provides a framework for the management of the districts of the future.