Tailor-made CSR consulting for:

  • Energy Master Planning

    At planning stage (Master Plan and Pre-Design), cost of change is very low.
    We support your project in defining the right strategy and implementing the right technologies and systems with quantified scenarios on the whole value chain of energy.
  • Decarbonisation Pathways

    Reducing the environmental impact of your organisation or its operations requires an actionable strategy and regular monitoring and evaluation. By identifying opportunities to reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in the short, medium and long-term - our decarbonisation methodology can help you define a science-based pathway to net zero.

  • Climate Strategies

    Going beyond decarbonisation, Urbanomy supports organisations on topics such as climate risks (resilience and adaptation), regulations, reporting / disclosures, life-cycle analysis and biodiversity.

We support you to


    your operations with your climate targets


    from carbon-intensive to low carbon assets


    the value of your assets and business models

Our areas of expertise support a carbon-integrated vision

Our holistic approach combines knowledge from across sectors.
Urbanomy’s expertise includes buildings, energy systems, energy efficiency and mobility sectors to create a comprehensive approach to net zero for our clients. Watch the video below for more information.

Areas of expertise


    • Assess your carbon footprint with GHG Protocol or Bilan Carbone © ADEME methodologies
    • Quantify the embedded and operational carbon impacts of your assets and activities
    • Compare retrofit and greenfield carbon impact
    • Define your carbon budget for a development project (CAPEX and OPEX)
    • Determine your net zero pathway

    • Define the best choice of local energy system given forecasted energy demand
    • Quantify local renewable potential
    • Identify electric vehicles and heat pump deployment’s impact on the grid
    • Quantify V2G benefits
    • Optimise your systems and its management

    • Quantify the optimised carbon budget for your project (CAPEX and OPEX)
    • Determine the return on investment of low carbon energy and mobility choices
    • Understand the green value of your assets

To serve your impact


    • Avoid and reduce GHG emissions for climate change mitigation
    • Produce decarbonisation and energy resilience plans

    • Identify co-benefits of decarbonisation
    • Design local energy systems for community energy schemes
    • Articulate circular economy action plans

Whether you are a project developer, a real estate asset manager or a local public player, we adapt to your needs and provide customised offers.

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