Decarbonisation Strategy

Carbon Footprint Assessment and Decarbonisation Roadmap

Metroscope | France 

  • 2023

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Net Zero

Metroscope - Bilan Carbone et Feuille de route décarbonation

Metroscope offers a software solution for power generation customers to understand energy losses and faults on industrial equipment. Confident of their role to reduce their customer’s environmental impact, Metroscope is now looking to commit itself to a decarbonisation approach and to work on their strategy in this area.   

To lay the foundations of their decarbonisation strategy, they are looking to carry out their Carbon Footprint Assessment to get the most accurate estimation of their footprint (scopes 1, 2 and 3, ADEME Methodology) and of the main emission items. Once the Carbon Footprint is completed, Metroscope also wants to be supported in the establishment of its decarbonisation roadmap and the definition of the associated action plan to take concrete actions. The goal is to eventually be able to communicate on the approach and the results, both internally to strengthen the commitment of its employees and externally to strengthen its image. 

In order to support Metroscope in its decarbonisation process, Urbanomy:   

  • Analyses the Carbon Footprint of all the activities within its perimeter and on all the territories (France, United States of America, Germany) on scopes 1, 2, 3.   
  • Defines actionable levers to reduce their emissions, prioritises them according to their potential and ease of implementation, taking into account the specificities of their business model.