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Environmental analysis for an ecodistrict

Sainte-Henriette's ecodistrict | Hénin-Beaumont - France

  • 2022

  • Energy Master Planning

  • Environmental Impact - LCA

We are assisting the Hénin-Carvin Agglomeration in the development of the Sainte-Henriette eco-district: a 54ha urbanisable area on a former mining site. Supporting a vision of restoration and preservation of the territory's biodiversity, Urbanomy is carrying out an environmental analysis of the existing low-carbon measures in the district, in order to propose the best solutions for the future buildings to achieve performance beyond compliance thresholds.

We rely on the urban print modelling tool developed by EfficaCity and the CSTB. This tool allows us to apply the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology to the scale of a neighbourhood in order to quantify its impact on the environment (according to various indicators including GHG emissions) over the entire life cycle of the project. This includes its disposal and demolition, energy and water consumption and waste management. Based on the environmental study, we define alternative scenarios, model them and test them to identify the most effective solutions with consideration for its environmental impact, financial viability and objectives of the client.