CSR Pathway

CSR Pathway

Citallios | France 

  • 2023

  • Strategy and CSR Department

  • CSR Pathway

Citallios reference

Our client is committed to a CSR approach and has cited as its raison d'être, or long-term company purpose, its aim to transform cities and territories in a sustainable manner.​

As part of its medium-term plan for 2024-2026, Citallios wishes to adopt a forward-looking approach to extra-financial issues, affirming a CSR trajectory with quantified objectives based on 3 key dimensions of its business (Low Carbon, Soil Artificialisation, Biodiversity).

In partnership with the consulting firms EcoAct and dixit.net for their expertise on biodiversity and soil artificialization, we:​

  • Identified the regulatory goals set at national&regional levels regarding the group's activities​
  • Carried out a benchmark of best practices and the levers put in place by Citallios' competitors​
  • Conducted an inventory, following a workshop and a seminar with internal stakeholders, in order to assess actual practices and define realistic ambitions​
  • Defined a low carbon trajectory for 2024-2026 following the identification of ambitious and realistic levers and their potential impacts