Climate Strategy

Modelisation of the environmental footprint of an eco-district

ZAC de la Croix | France 

  • 2023

  • Eco-district

  • Environmental footprint

Empreinte environnementale

The ZAC de la Croix district will provide 720 housing units on 24.4 ha. Within the framework of the Eco Quartier label, the developer's ambition is to build a neighborhood with high environmental and social value for its future inhabitants.  

The goal is to have a global vision of the neighborhood's environmental footprint. This will help guide the choices for the development of the neighborhood in terms of building materials, building performance and energy systems. 

Using the UrbanPrint tool developed by Efficacity, we modelled the first section of the district, which consists of 4 collective buildings and 86 individual houses.  

We applied the Life Cycle Assessment methodology to the eco-district, taking into account the production of materials, construction, use and end of life.  

After modelling the reference district, 3 scenarios were created to compare the environmental relevance of different levers: heat pumps, district heating network with Biomass, PV panels, biosourced materials for construction, very high insulation performance level.  

The environmental footprint was analysed according to the carbon dimension but also considering other environmental indicators such as water and soil pollution, energy consumption and use of materials.