Decarbonisation Pathway

Low carbon Action plan

Holiday Homes and Villages | France and Overseas 

  • 2023

  • Technical Department and CSR Department

  • Decarbonisation Pathway

Plan d'action bas carbone

Pierre&Vacances had defined an ambitious objective of reducing its GHG emissions by 46% by 2030. They sought support to identify and prioritise tangible and feasible actions for each site of its portfolio, while considering a complex and varied business model with different ownership structure for its assets.  

An analysis of the portfolio, supplemented by on-site audits and interviews with site managers, was used to draw up an energy inventory, which was then translated into an action plan with three levers: building renovation, energy systems, renewable energy.  

The detailed actions were then prioritised into an operational action plan, looking at quantified criteria such as energy savings, CO₂e emissions avoided, and return on investment (CAPEX and OPEX). Finally, support was also provided in the communication addressed to the Client’s stakeholders, such as assets owners.  

Urbanomy also supported its client for the online energy consumption disclosure of its sites, to comply with the French “tertiary decree” regulation. A specific action plan was defined for those sites, to ensure meeting the decree’s energy savings targets by 2030, while being able to report on a yearly basis on the progress made towards those targets.