Decarbonisation Pathway

Decarbonisation Strategy Real Estate Worldwide

Club Med | International

  • 2023

  • Construction and Development

  • Decarbonisation Pathway

We are assisting Club Med in defining a decarbonisation strategy for its real estate portfolio worldwide. Club Med is the world's leading holiday resort, with 71 high-end destinations in 27 countries on five continents.  

The challenge is to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the sites, through the implementation of a pragmatic strategy, based on tangible and quantified levers in terms of energy gains, CO₂e emissions avoided, and return on investment (CAPEX and OPEX).  

These identified actions will be broken down into a concrete action plan that can be applied to its entire building stock worldwide. A reporting tool will be used to monitor the relevant KPIs and measure the effect of the various levers that can be applied to buildings and energy systems.