CSRD tentative schedule for a firm with workforce of 250 to 500
European legislation

CSRD: what is it? What does it aim for? Does it apply to my company?

E.U. legislation on climate change is quickly evolving and you need a clear view on it, for your general knowledge but especially for your firm.

First part of a series of Urbanomy articles on upcoming European regulatory developments.

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Photo of Frankfort buildings

We know the 'why'. What about the 'how', now?

To many, reaching net zero seems to be a vague goal set in a distant sphere. At Urbanomy, we believe that is not the case.


The shift to a carbon-integrated vision of real estate

For Benjamin Mousseau, CTO at Urbanomy and founding member of Living Oxford, we need to reconsiderate the approach through which we develop real estate projects to shift to an integrated vision.  


Decarbonisation and beyond: what industry leadership looks like in 2022

Decarbonisation has been a buzz-word over the past few years, and 2022 will rightfully be no different. An article by Anjte Lang, Urbanomy.


Net-zero cities: lots of talk, how much action?

In this episode of the New Energy Podcast, we’re delving into cities and the growing number of net-zero declarations, looking at what’s actually going on, and what we can expect to see in the next years. With Sandra Fives, CEO and Co-Founder at Urbanomy.

Climathon Sprint 2021

Knowledge-sharing and co-creation of future planning

The Climathon Sprint is a unique 2-day competition held during COP26 (3rd-5th of November 2021). It brought together architects/planners, engineers and innovative solution providers (students or young professionals), to create a Net Zero design concept for a regeneration site, with a focus on providing a strong added value to the local community and the environment.

Use Case

Energy and Mobility concept for a Net Zero Garden Village

For this new development of 2,200 homes, a science park, a school, a health centre and a park & ride, Urbanomy simulated the future energy demand of the buildings and vehicles, assessed the solar potential, quantified the flexibility from residential thermal storage, batteries and electric vehicles through V1G/V2G.


Why and how are integrated public policies so important for curbing climate change?

At Urbanomy, we cherish an integrated vision for cities in their decarbonation path. We think cities as complex objects and take into account the interrelation they might have through our top-notch models developed by our R&D.

Net zero ambitions

Why the UK’s urban areas need a new integrated vision?

Urban planners and property developers should embed carbon neutrality at the heart of their property portfolios and projects to fulfil UK net zero ambitions. By Sandra Fives, Co-founder and CEO, Urbanomy.

Energy transition

If “The best energy is the one not consumed”, would it be the same as the best building is the one already existing?

According to the New Building Efficiency (NBE) Network of the C40 Cities, energy consumed in buildings accounts on average for around 50% of city emissions. Two-thirds comes from private buildings. In the EU alone, 13% of GHG emissions come from buildings (McKinsey 2020)...

Positive city

Health and the City

The Covid-19 pandemic has shed a new light on the link between cities and health, at least for two reasons. First, cities – and especially big ones – have been depicted as being responsible for the spread of the disease: urban density and outbreak timing have been proven to be correlated...

Positive futures

404 Error – Smart City Not Found

The "smart cities" concept shifted to a wider range of definitions depending on geographic and cultural features, making it a portmanteau, “gotta-catch-em-all” phrase for any kind of concept each time you want to make your city look brighter...

Urban Planning

Alternative is the new standard

For the last 20 years, many cities have experienced new urban objects combining various purposes with high social values, known as alternative places...


Accessibility, "urbanature"​ and "augmented square meter"​: what trends for positive urbanism post Covid-19?

What major trends will emerge for cities as a result of Covid-19? We can assume at least three of them, each of them interlinked.