Define a pathway to Net Zero and monitor your progress

Urbanomy develops clear strategies and practical pathways for organisations to achieve their decarbonisations goals.

We create comprehensive action plans including investment business cases.

Our capabilities

  • Comprehensive decarbonisation strategy to 2050

    (covering Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions)

  • Data dashboard

    monitor progress and ensure actions are on track


  • Compliance with regulations and standards

    (e.g., SBTi, CRREM, ISO, GHG Protocol)

Areas of expertise

Our holistic approach combines knowledge from across sectors

  1. Carbone


    Determine your net zero pathway

  2. Energie


    Optimise your systems and its management

  3. Valeur


    Understand the green value of your assets

  4. Climat

    Climate change

    Produce decarbonisation and energy resilience plans

  5. Communautés

    Community benefits

    Articulate circular economy action plans

Use Case


The need: a climate / carbon pathway for real estate assets, aligned with the Corporate ambitions
The client: the real estate function of a national bank

  • Diagnosis

    What are the needs?

    • Identify timeline, requirements, and objectives of portfolio decarbonisation
  • Benchmarking

    Where are we at? Are we meeting / exceeding requirements

    • Assess the carbon footprint of assets to identify major carbon emissions items, considering future acquisitions and sell-out, energy consumption, planned works, HR hypotheses, climate risks.
    • Identify regulatory constraints and most relevant frameworks for compliance and external recognition, taking into account internal goals and KPIs
  • Evaluation

    What are our options and how do they perform?

    • Define one or several pathways, and simulate the impact of levers on embodied carbon (works and fixed assets) and emitted carbon (energy)
  • Business case development

    How will we pay for this?

    • Recommend best pathway, assessing the carbon budget allowed (CAPEX and OPEX) and return on investment of the actions to undertake (fabric, energy systems, etc.)
  • Implementation

    How will we roll this out?

    • Monitor the action plans and results and engage stakeholders (HR, Finance, CSR, ...)

The need: a decarbonisation strategy covering scopes 1, 2 and 3, with a monitoring dashboard, implementation of the ISO 14064 standard and definition of an ambition based on the SBTi  
The client: a General Management and its CSR Department  


  • Challenges and diagnosis

    What are the challenges of decarbonisation and where do we stand?  

    • Identify timeline, requirements, and objectives of portfolio decarbonisation  
    • Realise a benchmark of the objectives and practices of the competitors  
    • Engage and train employees 
    • Carry out scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon assessments  
    • Define decarbonisation targets 
  • Context

    Understand how decarbonisation is structured in my company and how to deal with it?  

    • Analyse the structure of the flows  
    • Analyse the company's internal opportunities and constraints  
    • Select the methodology for the low carbon strategy and frame its implementation  
  • Evaluation

    How to achieve the goal?  

    • Establish the decarbonisation roadmap in line with the ambition  
    • Analyse the structure of the emissions and the good sectoral practices to define an operational Action Plan  
    • Analyse the options of carbon contribution as a complement  
    • Carry out a technological and economic-regulatory analysis for each project identified in the Action Plan
  • Implementation of the Action Plan

    How can we finance and implement our decarbonisation action plan? 

    • Leading and coordinating the deliver of the action plan  
    • Support organisational change management  

    How can I manage my decarbonisation process?  

    • Implementing processes and tools to follow up the impact and efficiency of the Strategy and actions, and the integration of the indicators in the Corporate reporting processes  
    • Communicate the goals of Low Carbon Strategy to suppliers, customers, investors, employees and institutions 

The need: accelerate the understanding and integration of carbon by the Sales team to sell carbon-related offers, differentiating from the competition. 
The client: a Sales and Marketing department 



    What are the needs?  

    • What is the state of the art on the market for carbon commitments, regarding customer’s services competitive landscape 
    • What is the current market for carbon commitments, considering customer services’ competitive landscape?

    Where are we at? What is feasible internally? 

    • Regulation and initiatives for compliance and / or external recognition 
    • Alignment with other internal working groups to confirm the feasibility of the commitments (considering purchasing, waste, etc.) 

    What are the commitments we can take and how do we differentiate from competitors? 

    • Identify the levers on the 3 scopes, linked with the main items of the carbon footprint of the customer's services
    • Discriminate where there can be carbon quantification to allow for result-driven engagements 
    • Develop a matrix of result-driven and means-driven engagements on scope 1, 2, and 3, framing the associated risks (if any) to formalise prerequisites and priority targets 
    • Reflect on the incentive mechanism, with bonus and malus 

    How will customers react to this offer, and how strong is their interest? 

    • Assess the customer traction and interest, on several segments (industry, tertiary, public) 

    How will we roll this out? 

    • Develop carbon quantification methodology to state the reference from the start of the contract 
    • Roll-out the offer across the Sales team, and set up the necessary monitoring with associated departments (Legal, Purchasing...) 


Decarbonisation Pathway

Decarbonisation Strategy Real Estate Worldwide

We are assisting Club Med in defining a decarbonisation strategy for its real estate portfolio worldwide. Club Med is the world's leading holiday resort, with 71 high-end destinations in 27 countries on five continents.  

Metroscope - Bilan Carbone et Feuille de route décarbonation
Decarbonisation Strategy

Carbon Footprint Assessment and Decarbonisation Roadmap

In order to support Metroscope in its decarbonisation process, Urbanomy analyses their Carbon Footprint and defines actionable levers to reduce their emissions.


Plan d'action bas carbone
Decarbonisation Pathway

Low carbon Action plan

Urbanomy supported Pierre&Vacances by carrying out an analysis of the property portfolio, along with on-site audits and interviews with the site managers in order to reduce GHG emissions.

Our references to co-create positive futures

A portfolio decarbonisation strategy

For the real estate department of a major French financial institution, Groupe Caisse des Dépôts, we are providing a decarbonisation and compliance strategy for its operated commercial portfolio.