Create your strategy & define an implementation plan

Going beyond decarbonisation, Urbanomy supports organisations on topics such as climate risks (resilience and adaptation), regulations, reporting / disclosures, life-cycle analysis and biodiversity.

Our missions

  • Multi-sector decarbonisation strategy and roadmap to 2050 (Scope 1, 2, 3)

  • Regulatory climate plan development

  • Action Plan

Areas of expertise

Our holistic approach combines knowledge from across sectors

  1. Carbone


    Determine your net zero pathway

  2. Energie


    Optimise your systems and its management

  3. Valeur


    Understand the green value of your assets

  4. Climat

    Climate change

    Produce decarbonisation and energy resilience plans

  5. Communautés

    Community benefits

    Articulate circular economy action plans

Use Case


The need: a carbon and climate diagnosis to set up a Climate Plan
The client: a local authority of +60 cities

  • Diagnosis

    What are the needs?

    • Gather data sets to conduct a territory analysis: socio-demography, attractiveness, energy, transport, environment, quality of life, community
  • Benchmarking

    Where are we at? Are we meeting / exceeding requirements

    • Consider regulation and initiatives for compliance: Climate Plans, Carbon footprint, local Area Action Plans
  • Evaluation

    What are our options and how do they perform?

    • Develop GIS maps combining data analytics
    • Define priority axes for Climate Plan:
      • Local low carbon generation
      • Consumption: reduction and improvement
      • Low carbon assets shift for heat, transport
  • Business case development

    How will we pay for this?

    • Recommend priority actions based on return on investment and impact on climate change


Citallios reference
CSR Pathway

CSR Pathway

Citallios wishes to affirming a CSR trajectory with quantified objectives based on 3 key dimensions of its business (Low Carbon, Soil Artificialisation, Biodiversity).

Empreinte environnementale
Climate Strategy

Modelisation of the environmental footprint of an eco-district

Using the UrbanPrint tool developed by Efficacity, Urbanomy applied the Life Cycle Assessment methodology to the eco-district taking into account the production of materials, construction, use and end of life.

Climate Strategy

Climate strategy and decarbonisation pathway

To support Enedis in reducing its carbon footprint, Urbanomy will update its climate strategy and its carbon assessment.

Our references to co-create positive futures

Feasibility of large scale heat pump deployment

As part of Project GAIA, Urbanomy is supporting the large scale deployment of heat pumps in Devon, UK.

Our references to co-create positive futures

Low carbon strategy for an event

We assist VivaTech in the analysis of its carbon footprint and the implementation of a concrete action plan, for its 2022 edition, from 15 to 18 June.

Our references to co-create positive futures

Territorial Pre-diagnosis

For a joint association, SMOYS (Syndicat Mixte Orge-Yvette-Seine) in France with a new extended perimeter, we provided a territorial pre-diagnosis on a scope of 65 local authorities, defining carbon neutral guidelines prior to the definition of a 2050 strategy.