Our pledge

We are fully committed to your project and to building the future together. That’s why we pledge:

  • A carbon-integrated vision

    Decarbonisation is complex. Technological change, a shifting regulatory landscape, and system interdependencies make it difficult to define the best way to achieve your vision. We can help. Taking a systems based approach, we assess the operational and embodied carbon emissions of your operations and set a pathway to reduce them.

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  • A just transition

    A just transition seeks to ensure that the substantial benefits of a green economy transition are shared widely. When developing our recommendations, we strive to consider and involve all stakeholders and ensure the widest benefits for all.

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  • Solution-agnostic

    Our recommendations are always based on what is best for your organisation or project. We never tie implementation to specific providers, products or services.

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  • The experience and potential to deliver

    EDF has been supporting  the transition to Net Zero and operating energy systems for decades. If desired, we can act as a ‘one-stop shop’, working with other EDF subsidiaries and  partners to go beyond consultancy and facilitate delivery and operation.

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Our services

Are you a manufacturer, a service company or a local authority committed to the energy and environmental transition?


Our personalised propositions and our co-creation approach
will meet your needs.

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