By 2050, urban areas will represent

  1. 2% of the earth surface

  2. 70% of the world population

  3. 80% of global energy consumption

  4. 90% of global CO2 emissions

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Urbanomy is launched after 1 year of incubation within EDF Pulse Croissance. Urbanomy is born from the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit of its 3 co-founders and EDF commitment to take on climate change and act on the energy transition without compromising quality of life! Urbanomy partners with EDF R&D and EDF international business development teams as well as a network of local partners to complement its offer. EDF is a unique partner for cities, thanks to decades of close relationships and operation of urban systems (district heating, smart grids, waste to energy, etc.). This grants Urbanomy an innovative and solid positioning on the whole urban and energy planning scope. Urbanomy is dedicated to tackling and delivering urban planning and strategic projects with and for its clients

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