1. Energy efficiency

    Determine the energy demand, Propose technologies, Assess the impact of new equipment, Assess operating & investment costs

  2. Energy systems

    Determine the best choice of local energy system given the consumption, Define & pre-design architecture, Quantify PV (photovoltaic) potential, Study hydrogen generation benefits

  3. Mobility

    Identify the best location for EV (electric vehicles) charging points, Quantify EV impact on the grid, Quantify V2G (vehicle to grid) benefits, Study soft and micro mobility plans

  1. Quality of life

    Quantify fuel poverty, Identify safety measures through lighting and video protection, Assess accessibility to public infrastructures and services

  2. Environment

    Assess noise & air pollution, Quantify the amount of greeneries per inhabitant, Identify and localise urban heat island risks, Produce sustainability, low-carbon and resilience plans

  3. Community

    Promote community energy, Design local energy systems for collective self-consumption, Facilitate crowd-funding for your energy projects, Articulate circular economy action plans